Crab Ultimate Slider From Five Sources

Crab Ultimate Slider is a plugin WordPress that can display Slides / Carousel from Media, Posts, Contents, Social Networks or from Woocommerce products.

Live Preview

Key Features

  • Responsive Layout,
  • Three Layouts,
  • Images from five sources,
  • Support Ten Social Networks,
  • Support Touch and Grab Event,
  • Support Widget and Shortocode,
  • Support Custom type Post,
  • Support Custom Taxonomies,
  • You can Control the Break Point,
  • Arrow and Button Control,
  • Support Lazy Effect,
  • Support Auto Height,
  • And much more… see the screenshoot.
  • Credits

  • Owl Carousel from: OwlFonk
  • Deluxe MetaBox from: Rilwis
  • Bootstrap Switch from : LostCrew
  • Dribbble API from : MartinBean
  • Behance API from : BryanLatten
  • Images from Envato Flickr. ( Really nice pictures )