EasyPay: WordPress Paypal Plugin to Pay Online

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You can have a look at our online documentation at: http://theemon.com/e/EasyPay/Documentation/ It will surely give you in-depth idea of how back-end looks and everything else on functionality part as well.

Introduction of WordPress Paypal Plugin – EasyPay

EasyPay, a faster yet safer WordPress Paypal Plugin, beneficial for Online business, eCommerce & Charity/Donation websites to take custom and online payments hassle-free. Paypal WordPress payment solution to getting paid online for services offerings. Powered by WordPress, this highly secure WP Paypal Plugin provides seamless advantages to the online business owners and allows them to install & configure this Wordpress Plugin easily. Beneficial for various purposes such as receiving custom payments and online selling services, this easy to install & configure Paypal WordPress Plugin offers a Direct Payment Interface on the site to your websites’ or business’ visitors via an embedded form without the need of linking it to the service or products. To use the professional & secure payment option of this WP Paypal Payment Plugin, visitors can fill all relevant details mentioned in the form & click to pay and it takes user to paypal where customer can log in to their account with their unique Paypal logging details and confirm the payment. Tightly integrated with Paypal standard payment, EasyPay Paypal Plugin For WordPress generates invoices in PDF format for every new payment and this WP Payment Plugin also aids the professional business owners to manage their taxes professionally as every transaction require an invoice & payment receipts. This WordPress Paypal Plugin sends automatic generated PDF invoices of each payment directly to the respective user’s email Id. EasyPay form of this WordPress Payment Plugin provides unlimited possibilities to the many businesses and lets you send the link of this form directly to the customer to pay the amount. With the form of this WordPress Plugin Paypal, you can request to your customer to pay exact AMOUNT agreed for the time you worked on. EasyPay can be used as Paypal Donation Plugin WordPress for charity websites and donation contributors as it (WordPress Paypal donation plugin) makes the receiving and sending of donations simpler with just a form. Built with Bootstrap form builder, EasyPay WordPress Paypal Payment Plugin caters ultimate flexibility & enables to design any type of payment form without hassle.

Comprehensive Features of WordPress Paypal Plugin: EasyPay

  • Featured with completely customizable drag & drop Bootstrap-Form-Builder.
  • Provides a Payment Confirmation Email with all sorts of relevant details, including transaction Id, etc.
  • Email for Failed Payment Attempt with Re-Order button, So user don’t have to fill the form again
  • User will get an email in case of Failed Payment Attempt with Re-Order button without any need of re-filling the form
  • Fully customizable & flexible Email Templates
  • Built-in Paypal Standard Payment Gateway is available in this WP Direct Paypal Payment Plugin
  • Fully compatible with Bootstrap 3
  • Standard jQuery validation for all fields of form
  • Automatic generated PDF invoices to manage taxes of a business
  • Complete report of all payments with each transaction is recorded & displayed as well in back-end of EasyPay WordPress payment gateway plugin
  • WordPress Paypal plugin is available with precisely described documentation, which will help you in its installation & setup in just a few minutes.
  • Products can be adorned with multiple colors & views
  • Compatible with all WordPress 4.0+ versions
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