Gallery Factory

Gallery Factory wordpress plugin is the new way to organize you image collection in Wordpress. This plugin features unique interface we call Gallery Manager, which combines all you need to work with your image galleries in one single place. It is easy to handle even for beginners, yet powerful enough for demanding users. Every piece of the plugin is built to be interactive and self-explaining – from organizing your albums in multi-level folder structure to creating unique layouts in WYSIWYG layout editor. Gallery Factory stores uploaded images separate from the standard Wordpress location. Gallery Factory images are not mixed with the WP Media, meaning you can have huge image collections organized without bloating WP Media and leaving it for other purposes. Images are organized in folders and albums only on logic level (not touching real folder structure on the disk), so any single image can be added to multiple albums while actually storing only one instance. But Gallery Factory is not only about uploading and organizing you images: it features unique visual layout editor to help you create incredible galleries.
* Images used in demo page are not included in the download pack.