Inc - Advanced Shortcode and Page Template Creator

Inc – Advanced Shortcode and Page Template Creator

Inc allows you to build both Shortcodes and Page Templates right from within your Admin Dashboard, quickly and easily using the awesome Ace editor. Any templates you create will be available for use immediately on your Wordpress site, just like any other short code and page template. You can craft CSS and JS using dedicated editors, and PHP code is fully supported throughout any template. All shortcodes and page templates are converted to live, ‘working’ files with Inc’s powerful LiveFile Engine, meaning that you can be secure in the knowledge that your content will always be optimised and ready to go! Inc’s powerful Parameters API means that you can create options for your shortcodes and page templates with ridiculous ease, allowing you to create multiple unique outputs from a single template! Watch the video tutorials for a quick insight into how Parameters can be created and used.


  • Custom Shortcode Creator – build unique, personal shortcodes with ease, using either the PHP/HTML/CSS/JS editors or the Wordpress Editor we all know and love. Inc gives you the tools to finally hand craft the small details that can make your site stand out!
  • Page Template Builder – craft page templates for your site which are immediately made available for use, just as if they were part of the theme itself! This is perfect for incorperating HTML landing pages etc. with Wordpress’ dynamic nature.
  • Powerful Parameters API – add options to the shortcodes and page templates you create, extending their functionlity. Create easily switchable colour themes, varying social actions, and so much more! Limitless just got a whole lot bigger.
  • Multisite Ready – Inc is completely ready for use on WPMU installations. Each blog has their own LiveFile folder, secluded from the rest. Inc will even clean up after itself!
  • Nestable Shortcodes – achieve shortcode inception (shortcodes within shortcodes), enabled by Inc’s unique algorithm.
  • Files Repository – have files you want to store and reference in your templates? Inc has you covered. CSS and Javascript files can even be included in Page Templates automatically at the click of a button.
  • Ace Editor – development should be enjoyable, so, with this in mind, Inc uses the full power of the incredible Ace.js project to maximise your productivity. Ace comes with amaing features such as Emmet integration, Live Autocompletion and code snippets. It even comes bundled with 31 beautiful colour themes!
  • TinyMCE Shortcode Insertion Plugin – using the shortcodes you create is a doddle with Inc’s bespoke TinyMCE plugin. Fully AJAX enabled, the plugin build your shortcodes with custom defined parameters and inserts them instantaneously – how could it be easier?
  • Integrated Updater – Inc will update right from within your admin dashboard! Neat, huh? Simply activate Inc with your Envato purchase code to enable this service.
  • Dedicated Helpdesk – because we love our customers, InfinityCode offers a 1-on-1 helpdesk for all your questions about Inc.
  • $32 worth of bonus plugins! – Get TCWP and Admin Infusion free when you buy Inc.
  • Charity Donation

    As you probably saw at the top of this page, 10% of the profits made on every single sale of Inc will be donated to UNICEF, a cause very close to the author’s heart. To be clear, by profit I mean the money given to the author by Envato after they have taken their commission. The commission rate used in the calculation is 50% (50% of the sale goes to the author, 50% to Envato).
    Proof of donations will be published at intervals – more details on the exact arrangements will be published soon.


    You can preview Inc is your own private sandbox to get a hands-on experience with Inc before you buy. Go to to create a demo site.


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    Version 1.0.0 - 21/08/14 - Initial Release