RSS Feed Tweaks WordPress Plugin

RSS Feed Tweeks – WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin enables a lot of options to manage your WordPress website RSS Feed behaviour.

Here’s a list of all features that comes with this plugin:

  1. Delay feeds by specified minutes. Best for correcting any errors or typos in the posts.
  2. You can upload a custom logo for RSS Feed
  3. Include post thumbnail in RSS Feeds
  4. Disable all RSS feeds with a custom message that can be managed from plugin settings.
  5. Exclude certain categories from RSS Feeds
  6. Include custom post types within RSS Feeds
  7. Specify custom content above and below posts in RSS feeds.
  8. Translation ready via .PO file.

Disabled RSS on WordPress website

Modified RSS Feed display

Upgrades & Change Log

Version 1.0.0
  • Initial release