Seat Booking System with Drag & Drop Creator (Woo)

SBS is Seat Booking WooCommerce plugin ideal for those who need to create a room with bookeable objects available for reservation within a specif date or time
Let’s imagine that you have a restaurant and you would like to give the possibility for people to book their table or seats if available during a corresponding date or time.
all what you have to do is Drag & Drop into the canvas a floor, the tables, and the chairs and for every table or chair convert it into a bookeable item and assign it’s availability (date / time).
People will easily be able to reserve a table within an available timeframe

The main features include the following:
  1. It is compatible with woocommerce
  2. Drag and Drop room building feature with configurable background-image and with and height settings
  3. Jquery full calendar api is integrated with it.
  4. Schedule for availability of objects for room is configurable by query full calendar api. Only schedule set from backend will be available for booking for end user.
  5. While booking an object, the schedule set from backend will be marked in calendar, in which time that object will be available.
  6. After successful booking of an object by end user, it will be marked in calendar that, it has been booked , so that no one can booked during that time.

The images & objects in the SBS demo ARE NOT included in the package you can purchase the whole set from graphic river (item name: 3D Floor Plan Kit) which includes all the objects below