Simple Multi-Page Slideshow

An easy and clean way to split a blog post into a multiple page slideshow. Easily create a ‘Top X’ photo post that spreads over X pages!

This is a Wordpress Plugin.


Online demo


Features and documentation

Benefit 1: Get more clicks

Your visitors will be more engaged with your site.

Benefit 2: Get more page views

Splitting your posts into multiple pages will increase visitor page views.

Benefit 3: Earn more money

New ads can be displayed on every newly-generated page view.

Some Highlighted Features

  • 100% Responsive (Mobile Design).
  • Several layout options.
  • Options to control font sizes and styles.
  • Options to use google fonts.
  • Options to manage image heights and widths.
  • Developed on a robust plugin framework.

  • Slideshow Example

    Option Panel


    Add it as a plugin within the WP Admin.

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