Smart Posts Tagger

Plugin Information

This plugin makes generating tags for posts much easier. Plugin has two main elements: integration into post editor panel Tags meta box and powerful Auto Tagger to generate tags for all posts. Plugin supports custom taxonomies and custom post types. To extract tags, plugin supports internal extraction engine and 4 online extraction engines to generate tags based on the content.
Plugin can be used to add tags for bbPress topics (topic tags), WooCommerce products (product tags) and other plugins that use non hierarchical post tags like custom taxonomies.

SEO Improvements with relevant post tags

Having relevant tags can have positive impact on your website SEO results. Each tag generates new archive page that lists all posts with that tag set. All tag archives pages are also part of XML sitemaps (all plugins for XML sitemaps support archives for tags) and with that they are used by search engines and improve internal linking of relevant posts. Also, your users can use tags to find content faster. Interlinking can be achieved using tags cloud widget, adding tags into post content (most themes support this, or can be modified to do so).
Better SEO results can help with the website revenue depending on the marketing system your website uses (contextual ads, affiliate links). More archive pages as search engine results are also very important elements for ads placement.

Transform normal Tags metabox with new options to extract tags

Normal tags metabox offers only limited possibilities to add tags. With this plugin, you can use different services to generate tags based on the post content. Metabox additions are easy to use and fast to get you most relevant results

Generate new tags while working on post content with few easy to use controls

Use Auto Tagger to bulk generate tags for multiple posts

Auto Tagger feature can be used to analyze all posts (or you can filter posts using post type, ID range) and generate tags for them in the background. This way you can automatically generate tags for all your posts. Later, you can review tags added and manually remove what you don’t need.

Supports internal extraction and 4 online tags extraction services

To generate tags from content, plugin can use simple internal extraction engine and 4 online services (3 of them require API Keys to access). They use different method to analyze the content and extract relevant tags for it. List of supported online tags extraction services
  • Yahoo
  • Alchemy
  • Zemanta
  • OpenCalais
  • Other Plugin Features Included

  • Works with individual websites Multisite WordPress mode
  • Support for translation and includes POT file
  • System and WordPress Requirements

  • PHP 5.2.4 or newer
  • PHP cURL extension
  • WordPress 3.2 or newer
  • Changelog

    Version 1.0 / 2014.03.16.
  • First release