Uni Custom Product Options

A short overview of Uni CPO v1.0
  • It gives an ability to create almost any mathematical formula for your product and the price of the product will be calculated with the given formula.
  • All user selected product options will be added to the item meta and displayed in the cart, in admin area (order meta) for a shop owner, in both emails for a client and for a shop owner.
  • Every option is so easy to add as any standart product attribute for a variable product.
  • There is 7 types of fields for your needs: dropdown, text input, radio, checkbox, color input with palette, color input with color picker and textarea.
  • Simple and intuitive interface lets you easily configure custom options for your products.
  • The plugin supports WC 2+ and WP 4.0
  • It is worth to see the plugin in action. I suggest you start from the Demo page. There are several products which show you the power of the plugin!