Video Gallery Live Playlist Wordpress plugin


  • Multiple predefiend layouts (horizontal / vertical playlist, 100% layouts, button / scroll navigation, no playlist (use as single video player)
  • Multiple instances in same page supported
  • Only mp4 video format required for all browsers and devices
  • HTML5 video support with flash fallback
  • Load videos from folder of mp4 files
  • YouTube Data API (v3)
  • Single video
  • Youtube playlist
  • Youtube video query
  • Youtube channel
  • Youtube user channels
  • Automatically generated video thumbnails, description and title for Youtube (or your own custom instead)
  • Mix together Youtube and MP4 videos to create any kind of playlist
  • Optional deeplinking with jquery address
  • Video subtitles, captions support.
  • Optional ‘live preview’ feature (automatically play video on playlist item rollover)
  • Optional right click context menu
  • Optional video download (specify your own path)
  • Video quality option (for youtube all available qualities are taken automatically, for mp4 videos any number of qualities can be set)
  • Optional pre roll advert with skip advance and link settings
  • Optional timed html elements over video (mid roll adverts)
  • Video aspect ratio (fit inside, fit outside)
  • Optional social sharing in player (facebook, twitter etc…)
  • Optional video autoplay
  • Optional random play
  • Optional video looping
  • Optional auto advance to next video
  • Optional auto hide controls
  • Optional description
  • Optional auto open description
  • Optional player logo
  • API
  • Play media
  • Pause media
  • Toggle media
  • Next media
  • Previous media
  • Destroy media
  • Destroy playlist
  • Get / set autoplay
  • Get / set volume
  • Toggle shuffle (random)
  • Toggle loop
  • Seek
  • Toggle description
  • Get playlist data
  • Get title
  • Get description
  • Load media or playlist
  • Get Playlist Transition
  • Get Setup Done
  • Get Playlist Loaded
  • Get Media Playing
  • Add Track(s) to playlist
  • Remove Track(s) from playlist
  • Skip Intro
  • Callbacks
  • Setup Done
  • Playlist End
  • Playlist Loaded
  • Item Triggered
  • Video Start
  • Play
  • Pause
  • Video End
  • playlist Item Enabled
  • playlist Item Disabled
  • playlist Item Rollover
  • playlist Item Rollout
  • playlist Empty
  • Fullscreen Enter
  • Fullscreen Exit
  • Caption (subtitle) change
  • Quality change

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