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This HTML5 Video Player is ideal if you want a video player which will support YouTube, Vimeo and Self-Hosted videos. Due to the fact that it has the option to be also used as a Full-Screen Video Background for your pages, it will allow you to create awesome websites.   Installation –
How To Create a Video Player-
How To Create a Video Background For Your Page-
  FEATURES: YouTube, Vimeo and Self-Hosted support It plays YouTube, Vimeo and Self-Hosted video files. For YouTube & Vimeo all you need to use is the video ID Responsive Design The plugin is fully responsive, including images and videos and will adapt the browser/device resolution. Mobile Compatible It is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems. Fixed Width/Full Width You can use the plugin as a fixed width or as a full width video player FullScreen video background The plugin can be used as a full-screen video background for your website. The video will cover the entire screen without any black stripes Texture Over Video Optional parameter to add a texture over the images. In this manner you’ll not have to modify each image to add the texture. Multiple Parameters Over 30 parameters from where you can customize your player, including: autoplay, loop, colors, dimensions, show/hide video controllers, randomize videos… Border For Fixed Width and Full Width version you have parameters to set the border width and color. Bottom Navigation Positioning You can position the bottom navigation to left, right or center. Lightweight The JS file has around 22KB Free Updates Once you’ve bought the product, you can download for free, from your account, all the updated versions.   Notes for IOS (restrictions imposed by Apple):
1. The autoplay will not work because IOS disables autoplay feature and it can’t be controlled from JS
2. On IOS, only for full-screen video background version, vimeo video will not auto-play and also, you can’t play it.
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