Wapppress - Android App for Your Wordpress Site

OVERVIEW Wapppress – Easy and Affordable Way to create Android Apps for your existing Wordpress site. Wapppress is an easy to use and affordable Wordpress Plugin to create Android Apps for your existing Wordpress Website. It does not require any coding skills, you can design and customize your app with your already developed WordPress skills. WappPress is the easiest and the most cost-efficient way to build a customized mobile app for any WordPress website. Its highly cost effective way of creating Android Apps. It has a preview screen where you can see how your Android App would look in real. It has very easy to use options. No coding skills are required to use it, its simple and user friendly. FEATURES 1. WappPress utilizes the entire WordPress site features, which implies that you will have the facility to engage with many of the active plugins, users, and all of your existing pages and posts. 2. Create your app using WappPress is as easy as you create a Wordpress site. It is simple and fast – no coding skills required 3. With WappPress, you can build a customized app in Wordpress in less time and money. QUICK SUPPORT If you have any questions , please do not hesitate to ask us , we are here for your assistance. We shall provide excellent support for any queries / issues in quick time. We shall provide support by email. We shall respond back in maximum 24 hours.