WooCommerce Checkout Form Progress Bar

This plugin adds a progress bar to the checkout page of WooCommerce. It keeps track of all the required fields and shows the progress when filling the form.

Bar locations

By default the progress of all the required fields in the checkout form is shown. The progress is dynamically adjusted when the number of required fields changes in the form, for example when the buyer activates the “Ship to a different address” fields. You can also display individual progress bars for the billing and shipping fields. These bars only keep track of the required fields within those areas. Both the global form bar and the individual bars can be placed above or below the form.

Styling & Colors

The style and color of the progress bar can easily be adjusted from within the admin with a simple editor. You can adjust various options like the color, height, width, corner radius and decoration.

Integrates directly into WooCommerce

After installing the progress bar works right out of the box . You can locate the settings under WooCommerce->Settings->Integrations in the admin.