Woocommerce Multi Vendor

Make Multi Vendor Marketplace and Don’t Leave Wordpress.

Woocommerce Multi Vendors plugin allows you to turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace, such as Etsy or Creative Market. You can assign existing products to vendors, or they can add and edit their own ones – they will have a dedicated page on the site where they will be able to list all of their products, but they will also show up in your normal shop pages so you can sell your own products alongside those of your vendors. To make things even more useful, you have complete control over how much commission each vendor receives for a sale and you can even manually add new commissions and edit existing ones.


  • Multi Vendor System for WooCommerce
  • Vendor Creation by Admin
  • Vendor user can Create Products
  • Vendor management is as easy as managing product tags
  • Each vendor has a dedicated page to display their products
  • Manage your commissions with ease
  • Accessible and readable reports for you and your vendors
  • Set the Commission Rate in Product Level, Vendor Level and Global Level
  • Multiple Selection of Vendor for a Product is Supported
  • Support All Default Product Types
  • Shortcode Supported for Viewing Vendor Log and Vendor Application Status
  • Export CVS for PayPal Mass Pay
  • Custom Slug Option for Vendor URL (Works except for Default Permalink Option)
  • Translation Ready
  • Shortcode for showing all the sales and earnings made by the vendor and another short code will display a single line of text that tells the vendor how much they have earned so far in the current month.
  • and more
  • A few important things to remember:

  • Multi Vendors requires WooCommerce v2.0.0 or above in order to work correctly.
  • When a product is purchased the commission is worked out in the following order of priority: Product commission followed by vendor commission and finally the base commission.
  • If no commission percentage is set anywhere then the default of 50% will be used to calculate commissions.
  • Even though vendors have limited WordPress dashboard access they will not be able to edit anything other than their own products, media and details.
  • All products that vendors add are, by default, required to be reviewed by site owners before they are published. You can change this in the Product Vendors settings under WooCommerce > General.
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