WooCommerce SellMore

Using WooCommerce SellMore plugin, you can easily manage “Special Offer” promotion like Buy One Get One (BOGO). You can set promotion schedule by dates and days. The promoted products can be displayed right on the product page, so it will catch the attention of your buyers to directly purchase products which results more sales on your shop.


  • Buy 1 Product A, Get 1 Free
  • Buy 2 Product A, Buy another one at 50% off price
  • Buy 2 Product A, Get 50% Discount for Each Purchase of Product B
  • Buy 2 Product A, Get 25% Discount for Product B and Buy 3, Get 50% Discount
  • and any similar rules

  • Setup rules for offering products with discount
  • Set promotion schedule by dates and days
  • Display the promoted products with special price/discount on product page
  • Select any products and categories to be included in the promotion
  • Works for simple and variable product
  • Set different discount based on purchase quantity
  • Choose price adjustment method to calculate the product discount:
  • Discount by Percentage (%)
  • Discount by Amount
  • Fixed Price
  • Calculate the biggest discount based on purchase quantity
  • Sort cart items so buyer can get optimal discount
  • Quick edit rules for changing schedule dates or days