WooCommerce Shipping Pro


WooForce understands that every store is different and has unique shipping needs. WooForce WooCommerce Shipping Pro plugin, with its intuitive user interface and complex rule defining ability, helps you to handle your unique shipping needs. You can define multiple shipping rates based below listed parameters
  • Country / State / Post Code
  • Product Category
  • Shipping Class
  • Weight
  • This plugin helps you to handle
  • International/Domestic Shipping
  • Country / Region based shipping
  • Flat Rate Shipping
  • Weight based Shipping
  • Free Shipping
  • Express Shipping / Regular Shipping
  • Order Based / Item Based Shipping Rates
  • Handling Fees
  • Different Shipping Scenarios

    Free Shipping on selected product categories In the below example, for all products in the categories ‘Luxury’, ‘Small Items’ and ‘Watches’ under 100 kg weight limit will be shipped free if the shipping address selected is either in Canada or United States. There are couple of other settings which might affect the above calculation. If you have set ‘Pet Item Max Cost’ or ‘Per Item Min Cost’ in the settings, the total cost of shipping will be calculated by adding up the cost of shipping for each item in the order. If there are multiple rules matching for a specific line item highest rate or lowest rate will be used for calculation based on whether Max or Min has been set. If ‘Per Order Max Cost’ is set then the highest shipping cost among all the products in the order will be applied as the shipping cost for the whole order. If ‘Per Order Min Cost’ is set then the lowest shipping cost among all the products in the order will be applied as the shipping cost for the whole order. Flat Rate Shipping on certain shipping classes. Set one rate for Shipping Class A and another rate for Shipping Class B. In this case, a flat Local shipping charge of 5 Euro is applied to all products shipped to France. For shipments to any country other than France 30 Euro will be charged if the products all in to ‘Heavy’ class and 30 Euro will be charged for products with any other shipping class. This is assuming that all products falls below 999kg. Please also check Per Item and Per Order cases explained in the first example. Special shipping rates (or shipping surcharge) to selected states or post codes. In case you want to set special shipping rates for certain countries, states or post codes, you can set as done above. You may also add product category, shipping class or weight related conditions in the same rule. Option for the customer to choose from multiple shipping methods ( Ground shipping and Air Shipping) A shop owner may want to give multiple shipping options to the customer to choose from based on the nature of shipping and rates. For eg,
  • Ground shipping or Air Shipping
  • Express Shipping or Regular Shipping
  • How it looks in the cart Set different rates based on weight slabs. Beyond the defined range, use rate per unit/ In case you want to set the shipping rate based on the weight of the products or order, you can set those in the rule matrix. An example case is given below. 0 – 1 kg : 2 USD 1 – 2 kg : 3.5 USD 2 – 3 kg : 4.5 USD 3 kg + : 4.5 USD + 0.5 USD per each additional kg

    Usability Features

  • Easy to understand English translation of the configured shipping rule.
  • Quick configuration options such as Any Country/Rest of the world/Any State/Rest of the country/Any Shipping Class/Rest of the shipping classes/Any Product category/Rest of the Product categories
  • Duplicate rule(s)
  • Multiple selection capabilities for Country/State/Product Category/Shipping classes
  • Display/Hide matrix columns
  • Postal code multiple values using ’;’ , wild-card using * and number range using ’-’
  • Option to configure fixed shipping cost for weight range or shipping cost per unit.
  • Return multiple shipping method using ‘Method group’
  • Control over shipping calculation using PerOrderMax/ PerOrderMin/ PerItemMax/ PerItemMin
  • Screen shot of Admin Settings Page