Advanced Product Filters for Woocommerce

Advanced product filters for WooCommerce offers you the chance to provide a better user experience to your eshop with multiple range filters on product numerical attributes. Extremely easy to setup, there is no limit on the number of filters you can add, so that customers can filter the range of product price, dimension, size, weight and unlimited more product numerical attributes in two types of user interface: slider and input box. Features:
  • Easy to create widgets with filters applicable to any product categories. 
  • Every product category view can have different filters. 
  • Multiple filters on multiple categories.
  • Input box or slider option.
  • Reset option.
  • The plugin automatically searches min and max value of an attribute and applies it to the filter.
  • Custom titles for any product filters.
  • Customisable appearance of the widget with custom fonts and button colors.
  • Translation friendly. All files are ready for translation, WPML is supported.
  • Works on every template!