Arfaly Press - Premium digital information uploader and manager

Arfaly Press is a wordpress plugin that helps website administrator to acquire digital information (Files, Videos, Music, Audio, Documents and Archives) with ease, by providing a complete management features and allow wordpress admins to create infinite number of diffrenetly configured instances of multi-file uploaders accross their sites. This plugin is responsive and highly configurable with a contemporary design and native UX animation for swiftness and maximum usability. The plugin has a backend management panel where you can create unlimited number of multi-file uploaders, and use each customized instance using shortcodes, and project them for users to start gathering digital files from users into your website server. Administrator can place multiple multi-file uploaders in whatever location inside of his website; moreover, the plugin can be easily integrated into custom forms.


  • Upload notification sent through EMail
  • Allow diverse MIME (File Types) that are not natively accepted by Wordpress
  • Isolated media section for review and approve
  • Accept (Documents, Audio, Video, Music, and Archives)
  • Frontend upload preview and delete
  • Responsive design that will make the uploader works with (Mobile, Tablets, and Desktop)
  • Global setting page
  • Cross browser compatibility (IE 9+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari)
  • Unlimited instantiation of Arfaly uploaders with independent settings
  • Max upload size
  • Max upload limit per session
  • Customize theme and colors
  • Allow guests to upload
  • Filter extensions
  • Enforce title and description submission along with uploads
  • Debug mode
  • more
  • Drag and Drop
  • AJAX progress indicator