Article Transformer

Article Transformer is a plugin for everyone who wants to change the face of their blog or is working on a new Wordpress Theme. What does it do? Article Transformer transforms your normal posts loop into a grid style layout placing the posts in optimal position based on the available space.

Highlight Features

- Customizable: Dimensions, colors, fonts and fonts size
- 3 Animations: Swipe Down, Swipe Right, Rotate. The color of the animation is automatically determined based on the dominant color of the featured post image (if any).
- 4 Layouts
- Responsive
- Integrated post views counter
- Ajax posts loader: On Button click and On Scroll
- Social buttons (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)


From your Admin Panel go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload -> Browse and pick the Article Transformer archive file. Click “Install Now” button. Click “Activate Now” after the plugin has been installed. A new menu should now appear in your Admin Dashboard called “Article Transformer”.

Displaying the plugin on the front-end

There are two ways to display the plugin. 1) Through shortcode 2) Integrating inside your theme loop 1) Shortcode examples: [article_transformer] [article_transformer categories=1,2,3] where categories=1,2,3 are your categories term_ID term_IDs are visible in the General Settings categories list in brackets 2) Integrating inside your theme loop Add following code: if (function_exists("article_transformer_the_loop")) { article_transformer_the_loop(); } right above your theme posts loop code: if (have_posts()) { -> PLACE THE CODE HERE <- while (have_posts()) { the_post(); ... ... ... } } Go to the Article Transformer General Settings and set “Enable theme loop override” to “Enable”.