CF7 Google Maps

CF7 Google maps is useful to display Google Maps as a field for Contact Form 7. Visitor can mark any number of markers, circle, polygon, poly line or rectangle on google maps and can submit them with contact form 7 so it’s very useful to ask location or area information from visitor.

How it Works

When you submit your form, this plugin generate a KML file automatically based on user’s input on the google maps and attach it with the email send by contact form 7. You need not to modify your email body for this because it’s totally automatic process which makes this plugin unique. Each generated KML file will be copied in cf7-google-maps/kml folder as well.

How to Use

Click on “google maps” element tag generated by this plugin and specify map’s centre location, zoom level, width and height of the map according to your need. Insert short code in to your form. You can specify fill colours, stroke colours and stroke width from dashboard > Settings > CF7 Google Maps. You can setup these settings individually for each shape as well. though we have setup default values also so if you don’t do any setting, that’s also fine. Then put contact form short code on your page and you’re done!

Example Map

Below is example which shapes and markers visitor can add on the map and send it via contact form 7.


You can setup different colors of the shapes to specify them better way.


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