Commentifier - Admin comment reply plugin

What the plugins does

Each time a person comments on your blog, if they aren’t a regular reader, they will most likely never come back to your site. So to solve part of this engagement issue, I’ve created “Commentifier”. What is does is it sends a personal message by email, each time you respond to someone’s comment on your blog. It will:
  • send an email thus creating a personal relationship between you and your readers
  • increase your blog’s traffic and readership
  • increase the interaction between you and your readers
  • turn random users and blog commenters into loyal readers
  • create an opportunity for you to do some email marketing in an easy and clever way (sending them an affiliate banner by email on each notification, check the “html field”)
  • This is it really. The plugin is simple, but quite powerful. And I say this because I use it myself.

    What to do after the purchase

    Nothing really. Just activate and customize if you want. The plugin is ready to use. After activating you’ll start sending email notifications each time you respond to someone’s comment on your blog and that’s it.