Content Fire - Custom CTAs for WordPress

Content Fire for WordPress is most effective way to convert visitors into subscribers. The Content Fire plugin enables you to create custom designed CTAs (call to action) forms without writing a single line of code.

Why You Need Content Fire

  1. Convert website visitors into subscribers and buyers
  2. Target specific pages with different, relevant offers
  3. Double or triple your subscribers
  4. Build a massive email list for marketing purposes
  5. Test your promotions with A/B testing to optimize conversions
  6. Display CTAs on any page or post
  7. Increase your social engagement by gaining more followers
  8. Get visitors’ attention immediately
  9. Increase click-through rates to targeted pages

Templates Ready to Customize

We researched hundreds of CTAs and looked at all the metrics. Based on that extensive research, we were able to identify the most effective CTA templates. Now you can choose any canvas template and have a custom CTA running in just 60 seconds. Take a look at these templates.

Schedule CTAs / Automatic Expiration

You can schedule your CTAs to start and expire at a certain point. This lets you focus on your site rather than the administrative details of configuring CTAs for time-sensitive promotions or marketing campaigns.

Display CTAs on Any Post, Category, Page, or Site-wide

Want custom CTAs based on a specific post or category? What about custom CTA only for a specific tag or post type? Don’t fret because this plugin lets you select exactly where to display which CTA.

A vs. B Testing

Similar to the other expensive options in the market, Content Fire comes built in with A vs. B testing so that you can gather data on the best converting CTAs and continue to optimize. Data!

CTA Triggers

You can decide exactly when to show each CTA giving you full control. CTAs can be triggered based on the following:
  • Timed Delay – set a short amount of time (i.e., 30 seconds) before a CTA displays to the visitor
  • Exit Intent – set a CTA to display on when visitor is leaving the site
  • Scrolling % – set a specific point on your page that visitor must scroll before the CTA displays
  • Trigger by Referring Domain

    Show a specific CTA when a visitor comes from a specific domain. For example, if a visitor comes from Twitter, display a CTA requesting they follow you on Twitter. WOW! Control!

    Google Fonts Integration

    Use any Google Font for your CTA headline and body text. It’s ready!

    Control CTA Styles

    You can set the button color, background color, background image or pattern, and more.

    Want More?

  • Unlimited CTAs: Create as many CTAs as you want.
  • A/B Testing: Setup A/B testing campaigns and determine the optimal CTA for your needs.
  • Custom HTML: Use the HTML CTA template and add any custom HTML you want.
  • Use Shortcodes: Use any shortcode from another plugin inside the HTML template
  • Ajax Form: Where appropriate, Content Fire will use AJAX subscription form.
  • Social Icons Supported: Link to your social accounts inside the social CTA template
  • Newsletter Services: MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Feedburner, and more coming soon. Don’t have a newsletter provider? No problem, just use the plugin to collect email addresses.
  • CSV Export: If you use the plugin’s email collection, simply export all subscribers as a CSV file to be used with any newsletter systems.
  • Different CTA per page, post, custom post type: assign different CTA per page, post or custom post type.
  • Open Delay / Timed Delay: Trigger a CTA with a timed delay setting.
  • Exit Intent Trigger: Trigger any CTA when user moves mouse pointer to the top of browser windows.
  • Page Scroll % Trigger: Trigger any CTA to display when visitor scrolls down to a certain point on the page
  • Pre-defined CTA Layouts: From 1 column to 2 column plugins, or video or more, we have a template for you.
  • CTA Preview: Check our a preview of your CTA right from the WP Dashboard.
  • Responsive Design: Every template is responsive and will look right on a tablet or phone.
  • Automatic Plugins Update: Receive plugin updates automatically like any other WordPress plugin.
  • Easy to Install: Install and activate the plugin just as you would any other plugin.
  • Wait! Need More Reasons to Buy This Plugin?

    We work frequently with large, high-traffic fashion, tech, and gaming blogs and some are running this very plugin. It simply works!

    Created by Experienced Webmasters

    We work frequently with large, high-traffic fashion, tech, and gaming blogs and some are running this very plugin. It simply works! We plan on adding more features to Content Fire so don’t hesitate to purchase this premium plugin. If you have any issues, simply ask us on our support forum and we’ll handle it. Buy from trusted developers who stand behind their products. SUPPORT: If you want to see what else we’re up to, check out – And don’t forget to rate this item the 5-stars that it deserves.