CPT Shopify Embed Plugin

Easily embed Shopify products directly into your own website with a simple shortcode and Products API query. This plugin is written for people with basic knowledge of the Shopify API. It greatly simplifies the means of embedding Shopify products directly into your site’s pages and posts. In order to use this plugin, you must have a Shopify account and a valid API Key and Password.


To install this plugin, simply log in to your WordPress website’s administrative panel and select Plugins from the dashboard menu. Then click Add New. Follow the on-screen instructions in WordPress and locate the zip file you downloaded with your purchase. Once installed, be sure to activate the plugin on the WordPress plugins page if you did not do this during the installation procedure.


Configure the settings for your installation of the CPT Shopify plugin by selecting Settings and then CPT Shopify from your WordPress admin dashboard. This screen will look like the example shown below. You must enter the values that correspond to your own Shopify account into the fields provided. For more information on how to access this information from your Shopify account, see the following section.

Shopify API

In order to use this plugin, you must first create a private app through your Shopify admin account. To do this, follow these instructions on Shopify. Then, copy that app’s API Key and API Password into their respective fields as shown in the example admin screen below.

Official Online Documentation

Additional documentation and examples can be found from the plugin’s demo link.