Facebook PausePops for Wordpress

Use the power of YouTube, Wordpress and Facebook to grow your audience really fast. Capture, re-target and sell to your always growing audience and fans. This plugin shows a popup box in front of your already engaging YouTube video asking your reader to join your Facebook page whenever they pause the video. When the user pauses your video is the perfect opportunity to ask them to like your Facebook page. When the video is paused you know they are watching the video. Why not get them to join your retargeting platform, your Facebook page. Re-target your promotions and products through your Facebook page. http://blog.areyoupop.com/youtube-triggered-popups/ Combine the virality power of YouTube with the power of Facebook to grow your audience with the help of Facebook’s 900 million plus users with this Youtube/Facebook traffic plugin. Facebook PausePops© for Wordpress is a ‘popup’ that allows you to acquire more users to your facebook page with the help of YouTube Videos.