Google Maps Store Locator & Location Directory

This WordPress Store Locator is an extremely advanced mapping system that makes it easy for your customers/visitors to find any location on your map. It features advanced search and sorting functionality, but also allows you to provide as much detail as needed for any location in the form of custom tooltip content, optional pop-up galleries, location lists, filters, and more.
Mapify Store Locator is a plugin from the creators, an elite plugin sold here on CodeCanyon with thousands of active installations and customers. This plugin is optimized to be the most powerful store locator available, however it also showcases any type of map locations in style. Using the latest Google Maps API, these interactive maps add extensive details and search capabilities to a limitless amount of locations. Categorize, customize, and sort your locations as needed with custom images, and provide your users with the best mapping experience available.

Key Features

Though screenshots are great, we encourage you to try out the demo to see the full effect of this plugin. Simply click on the preview button at the top of this profile for a full demo!
  • Add a paginated, interactive list beneath your map. This list, which is fully responsive, allows your customers to easily find any location on the map. Combined with our advanced searching, filtering, and location suggestions, you’re customers will have no trouble finding your locations.
  • Advanced search option will display all locations based on the city or zipcode entered. If no location is found within the set radius, the nearest locations will be suggested and highlighted.
  • Add a map ‘legend’ with icons that also serves as a visual filter, allowing users to sort locations by category
  • Dropdown filter allows you to further tag, group, and categorize locations into groups
  • Unique icons on each location, or assign a default icon for all locations
  • Add extensive details in the tooltips, pop-up galleries, and interactive list. Mix and match features as needed
  • Fully Responsive Maps and Functions

  • Every feature displays properly on any device
  • Responsive pop-up galleries display video, photo gallery, and extensive details on any location
  • Provide to and from directions on GPS enabled devices
  • Tap, swipe, and pinch as expected on touch devices
  • Massive, fullscreen maps supported

  • Full Feature List

  • The sleekest, best designed mapping Plugin available from the creators of MapifyPro and —trusted plugins with thousands of active users and counting.
  • 100% responsive maps and features for perfect viewing on any device.
  • Add as many unique locations as needed to your map. Perfect for businesses of any size and location, but also perfect for travel spots, photography locations, and any other map-based purposes.
  • Each location can have its own unique marker graphic.
  • Categorize location under any category of your choosing, which allows users to sort the map locations on the front-end with a single click.
  • Users can search for results by city, zip, or GPS coordinates, and the results within a specific radius are displayed while others are hidden. Users can then get directions to any location.
  • If no locations are found within the search radius, the nearest location will be suggested automatically and highlighted on the map.
  • Provides to/from directions to any location both from the tooltip or the interactive list beneath the map.
  • Multiple ways to display map categories: Either in a dropdown menu, a visual filter “legend” beneath the map, or both.
  • Interactive, paginated list of locations beneath map. This list provides extended details on each location in a concise, organized list.
  • Fully responsive galleries and location info for each location. This feature lets you add photos, video, and detailed information to each location in a responsive gallery.
  • Tooltips and Pop-ups can be toggled on/off as needed for each location.
  • Animated tooltips and icons (optional setting)
  • Display Google Maps in different viewing modes: Satellite, terrain, etc.
  • Incredibly powerful yet simple admin interface makes mapping your locations easy
  • Boosts SEO: Each location is viewed by search engines exactly like a blog post!
  • Pro upgrade available that adds dozens of advanced features.
  • Free Extras!

    We get you started with a massive collection of icons, ranging from typical map icons, to more specific landmark-based icons: Unique icons for restaurants, coffee shops, airports, trails…the list goes on.

    About Us

    We strive to create the most advanced plugins available. Our goal is to create plugins that can truly empower your site and improve your business or hobby.
    PaperTelevision LLC. is a design and development studio located in Cincinnati, OH. We have been creating websites and software for dozens of clients since 2007, from multi-billion dollar companies like Whirlpool, to smaller startups across the globe. Find out more about PaperTelevision LLC.

    Change Log

    Version 0.1 Initial Release