Gravity Forms User Conditional Fields

This plugin will add 3 additional hidden user fields to a new field section called Conditional Fields to Gravity Forms. The purpose of these new hidden fields is to provide access to the user’s name, role and logged in status and to use these in your conditional logic as actual drop down values to determine which fields should be displayed and which fields shouldn’t be displayed. For example, you may want to display certain fields for users with the role ‘Contributor’ or ‘Subscriber’, or even with a custom role of ‘Manager’, or you may even want to display certain fields if users are logged in or not logged in. User Role: Get access to the current user’s role if they are logged in. User Logged In: Get access to whether the user is logged in or not. User: Get access to the user name of the logged in user. This plugin makes it convenient to setup user based conditional logic on fields when editing your form structure. Simply go to the Advanced tab on any field and tick the box ‘Enable Conditional Logic’ and select the conditional fields you have added to your form and a drop down will render allowing you to select a value based on the conditional field you have selected. You must have Gravity Forms 1.7.x or higher installed and activated on your WordPress site. You are welcome to post comments or email [email protected] if you require support or have any questions/comments.