Interactive World Sales Map

Fully interactive sales map, upload your own map and co-ordinates and assign employees, retail outlets or office locations to any given area on your uploaded map. The possibilities are endless; you create the map and map locations.   Main Features:
  • Select up to 2 people / data sets per location (primary and secondary)
  • List all selected location in alphabetical order on the front end.
  • Add contact details, bio and social info: Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to members / areas
  • Comes with editable (.ai .eps) file of EU map (broke down by counties) and poly co-ordinates
  • Comes with editable map of US broke down by states with csv poly coordinates
  • Default data view for unselected map locations (you can add image / Video)
  • How it works Assign areas to member. (a member does not have to be a person, can be anything you want it to be) This area will now be active on map and will appear in Alpha list on front end. when you click on map or link on list details will appear Assign up to 2 data sets per poly location, Primary and secondary (i.e. internal and external)   Customizable
  • Settings: Customise colour scheme
  • Settings: map upload feature
  • Settings: CSV poly locations upload feature
  • Settings: Icon upload feature
  • Maps included: UK counties and USA States, to add new upload new map and csv file with new picture poly co-ordinates (instructions included, not as hard as you think, lots of tools online to help) Add the Maps anywhere on your website You can use a shortcode to include the map in posts and pages. Cross device and browser compatible The maps are built in SVG, no flash is used and therefore they will display in Mac products. Examples View example here   Updates:
  • v2.1 – javascript error fix – 10th July 2014