International Virtual Keyboard Plugin

International Virtual Keyboard is a fantastic plugin that will allow you to have people fill out forms, or sections of forms in almost any language that you choose. There are various options for this plugin, including short-codes or php snippets that can be added directly to you template pages. Please click on the demo to give it a try! and check screenshots Its one keyboard, but the user can choose what language options they want to have used. they can have all the languages, or just a couple, it is their decision. Function of keyboard controlled by settings, code and shortcodes : If the language only has only keyboard associated with it, there will be no dropdown in the vistual keyboard displayed on the site. Example would be Hebrew – There is only one keyboard, so no need for a dropdown if the person user uses shortcode [keyboard_il] If the language has many keyboards – Bulgarian for example, then there would be a dropdown on the virtual keyboard that displays the available keyboards [keyboard_bg] would have dropdown showing Bulgarian and Bulgarian (Latin) If the user wants all the keyboards to be available, they would use the shortcode _all – [keyboard_all] See For More Help and questions Please Feel free to Email : [email protected]