Jobify & WP Job Manager Bundle French Translation

[Up to 2.02] Contains 1 .po file and 1 .mo file. As of September 23rd 2014, 6,229 strings have been translated to French for you and I keep updating them with each major Jobify and premium plugins updates! Most importantly, absolutely no Google translation or bot, everything has been translated by me (natural french speaker). Check the demo here: Jobify and all Wp-Job Manager translation into French. Please note: you must buy Jobify on and also the Wp-job manager bundle containing 10 plugins for the best result because some plugins aren’t provided in the archive. this is great for you if you bought or plan to buy the jobify theme and want to operate in a french market. Look no further, I spent a lot of time translating myself without using any google translate or anything like that. Here are the links to the theme and the plugins: Jobify Theme: Wpml Plugin: Application plugin: Bookmark plugin: Resume Manager Plugin: Woocommerce Paid Listing Plugin: Job Alerts Plugin: Application Deadline Plugin: Job Tags Plugin: Companies Plugin: Locations Plugin: Want me to install everything for you and optimize everything to match your site? Contact me on my profile page or email me at trainingdk89 at!