Markdown for Visual Composer

Markdown for Visual Composer is a GitHub flavoured markdown renderer for visual composer.


It features 3 modes via which you can use markdown as your content.
  1. Using a GitHub repository This will allow auto updating of your content as the readme changes
  2. Linking to a markdown .md url
  3. Custom markdown

Markdown via GitHub repo

Just enter a GitHub username and repository name to use the markdown of the repo’s as your content. This way you also benefit in a way that the content gets auto-updated based on any change in the at GitHub. You can also link to an online .md file/content. This will also be auto-updated.

Manual markdown

Thirdly, you can also render custom markdown as your content.


  • 22 July, 2014 – v1.0.0 – First release.
  • Requirements

  • PHP 5.2 +
  • PHP curl support
  • WordPress 3.5 +
  • Visual Composer
  • Credits

    It would not be possible to develop this plugin without Parsedown. MD icon taken from