Material Actions - Beautiful WP Admin Shortcuts

Live Preview login: demo / demo When you manage a WordPress site, it becomes clear very soon that most of the time you will be doing the same thing. Why not have shortcuts to these tasks always within reach? Material Actions aims to do just that, in a beautiful and simple way!

With Material Actions you can:

  1. Add Internal Link Actions, linking to any WordPress administrative menu (even the ones added by 3rd party plugins!)
  2. Add external links so you can visit certain sites you use the most when managing your WordPress site.
  3. Create JavaScript actions, so you can run a piece of code just with one click.
  4. Select icon, color, and target (if the action open in the same tab or a new one).


  1. AI mode: this mode is already in development and when selected it automatically creates the Material Actions based on you usage of the Admin Panel!
  2. Frontend support: The possibility to add the menu also in the frontend of your site, when you are logged in.