Product Category List for WooCommerce

Are you the one who looking for Product Categories management? The version you have may be too difficult and bringing this kind of questions…
  • The given themes or widgets are not able to display correct product category, aren’t they?
  • How to display product category?
  • How to display product category in grid line?
  • Why only some product can be displayed not the others?
  • How to do if you want to display the product category in horizontal angel?
  • How to do if you want to display the details of product?

  • We have a solution of these kinds of doubts above with our plug-in Product Category List for WooCommerce. This plug-in application is the additional accessories for WordPress and WooCommerce, this application will help you to conveniently and easily display the product categories as well as varieties of output such as List / Dropdown / Grid. You can apply it on your smartphone, tablets and PC, all of these can be handled by Short-Code which can be placed at wherever you like in WordPress for examples:
  • Post / Page
  • Widget Text
  • Theme
  • Plugin
  • Visual Composer

  • What make our different is that our plug-in application supports Visual Composer and of course easy to manage. Muti-language function is also available and compatible with WPML. You can sell your products with a numbers of languages in any parts of the world.