Quick Text Replacement WordPress Plugin

You find yourself in troubles when trying to change a simple text of a theme you’ve just bought? How can you replace a text in search result page with a better description? Or change the WooCommerce’s default message when your shopping cart is empty? Changing theme’s or plugin’s PHP file directly? No, that’s not recommended because you’ll lose all your changes when theme or plugin is updated. Creating a child theme, then copy file from parent theme and modify it? No, because that’s too much work for you and it doesn’t always work with themes and absolutely doesn’t work with plugins. So, Quick Text Replacement is born to solve this problem. Quick Text Replacement, as its name says, is a WordPress plugin that can help you replace ANY text in a WordPress theme or plugin just in 10 seconds! The plugin offers an intuitive interface for you to replace a text with another. You also can use the plugin to translate or fix translation of a WordPress theme or plugin. Optimized by ajax, your replacement manipulation is done extremely fast.

Quick Text Replacement Features

  • Replaces any text in a WordPress theme or plugin, can be used to quick translate a theme / plugin (localization)
  • Can replace even translated text, thus can be use to fix theme / plugin translation
  • Runs fast when scan text, add text replacement, update text, etc.
  • Easy to use with friendly interface, follows WordPress style
  • Supports live search
  • Supports context and file references, e.g. where the text comes from (for better replacement / translation)
  • Supports singular and plural forms for English and similar languages
  • Works BOTH in the frontend and backend (admin area)
  • High performance: plugin is coded by experienced WordPress developer with care of speed, loading effect and WordPress standards.