Rate My Site (Multi Questions Rating)

Rate My Site, is a simple, but full of features, Multi Questions Rating plugin for Wordpress. Mainly works in a Widget and it can be use for Rating, Reviews, Commenting, Testimonials. Most probably you already have a rating plugin to rate your Blog post, but why don’t give your visitors the opportunity to Rate your full site? Sure there are also other “Rate My Site” plugins. But most of them are limited to one question and some are missing even the commenting system. What makes Rate My Site unique is the option to set multiple rating questions. eg if you’re operating a Blog you need at least 2 questions for rating: Conternt and Design. If you’re offering services you maybe need 4 of them: Features, Design, Usability, Support. etc etc.


  • Multiple Rating Questions
  • User Comments in addition to Rating
  • Can restrict rating only to logon users, or allow all to Rate/Comment
  • Restrict double Rating by IP
  • Widget to show overall rating, rating form and last comments in 3 tabs
  • Seperate page to list all Rates/Comments in details
  • Admin can Approve/Reject/Reply to comments
  • Auto approval is possible depending on settings
  • Email to user if Admin replies to his Rating/Comment
  • Easy to Translate in other Languages.
  • About Support

    Codecanyon is a great place to find cheap high quality scripts but the Comments section is far away to be count as support section. So for support issues, bug reports, suggestions for new features, you must register at: https://www.christeris.com. You can use the Comments section only for pre-sales questions.