Riddler: Create Your Own Brain Teasing Game Sites

By using Riddler WordPress Plugin, You can create your own riddle, brain teaser or quiz game with your WordPress site. Make a ‘buzz’ about your site by giving people challanges and make them glued to their seat trying to beat your game.


  • Very easy and straight forward to install.
  • Easy to use by using simple Shortcode.
  • Use text, picture or other media as a riddle
  • You can create unlimited riddle post.
  • You can create multiple category of riddle.
  • Only registered user can play your game.
  • Easy for user to continue the game from their last riddle.
  • Highly customizable riddle box.
  • Requirement

    WordPress 3.8 (older versions may work but they have not been tested).


  • Only registered user can play.
  • User’s progress only saves the last played category, even though you can create multiple category.
  • Creating Riddle

    1. Before you can create a riddle, you must create a post category to group your riddles.
    2. You can create multiple category consisting multiple riddle post.
    3. Each Riddle post can only have one category.
    4. Create your post as usual.
    5. Wrap your riddle with Riddler shortcode.
      [riddler answer="words" first="yes"] We hurt without moving. We poison without touching. We bear the truth and the lies. We are not to be judged by our size. What are we? [/riddler]
    6. For every first post in each category, you must declare it with first="yes" parameter. (You don’t have to declare this parameter in other post in the same category).
    7. You can use image or other media for the question.
    8. You can only use alphanumeric for the answer (Case and space wil be ignored).
    9. Save your post.

    Looking for something else?

    I have created a few items in CodeCanyon that you may want to take a look:

    If you have an idea for a website/plugin or you want something to be made, don’t hesitate to contact me.