RoVidX Pro Edition - Internet TV for WordPress (plugin & app templates)

Take Video & WordPress to a whole new level by distributing content directly to Internet TV devices. After working with some of the top networks in the Internet TV space, RoVidX Pro was developed to allow smaller networks and individual broadcasters access to the growing market of IPTV devices. Simply install & configure the WordPress plugin and use the included ROKU templates to build a fully featured channel with pre-roll advertising, device linking & Google Analytics based viewer statistics. Our Pro Edition WordPress plugin allows you to easily add, edit & distribute your video content from WordPress to multiple Internet TV devices. Easily add videos to your channel with our WordPress editor add-on. It works with Vimeo Pro, Amazon S3 or self-hosted files and allows you to add details like Actors, Directors & Conten Ratings. Using the control panel, simply choose which modules to use and configure the options for each. Within a few minutes, RoVidX is utilizing technologies like MRSS, XML & JSON to feed content to a variety of Smart TV & IPTV devices. Save time and resources by using our ROKU channel templates that are included with this package. Building a channel from scratch can be a huge nightmare for independent studios & content producers. Our ROKU channel app templates allow you to quickly get up and running with a full set of features. Quickly add preroll advertising, device linking to user profiles and analytics by editing a simple configuration file, compiling your app and adding it to the ROKU channel store. We also have included Photoshop PSD’s for channel artwork & commented source code to allow other developers to build new features into your channel system.

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Version 1.0 * Initial release