The Easiest Way To work with RSS Feeds in WordPress. SmartRSS Plugin is the best way to work with your favorite RSS feeds. with SmartRS you can save, edit, manage or delete every single item in RSS feed.

Save RSS as posts

SmartRSS saves your Rss items as posts in wordpress, so it makes you able to do what you want with your items.
all that done in a new & clean page inside the plugin with a clean way.

SmartRSS Plugin Features:

  1. compatible with several versions of wordpress.
  2. Easily Add, Edit & delete RSS feeds.
  3. a nice shortcode to show spacific feeds in your posts.
  4. extra widget to deal with your sidebar.
  5. ability to make images in feeds as featured image.
  6. Super Easy Install.
  7. statistics for every feed and a global one.
  8. ability to search and filter your saves items

Version 2.0 – Simple but Effective!

This is the first stable version of SmartRSS Plugin, which has been built to be simple and quick to use. Future versions will add more styles and many more features. Grab your copy of this simple-but-very-useful plugin now, it’s great value at $12.

Easy To Use

  • No Coding Required!
  • Works out of the box with 99.9% of WordPress themes
  • Installs in 2 minutes
  • Super simple adding, editing and managing of Feeds
  • Add & Edit Feeds from nice & clean option page!
  • Also:

  • Insert Feeds Via ShortCode
  • Easily Duplicate items that have been saved before
  • rich Documentations to Guide You
  • Support & Updates:

  • Support: Please note that support from Envato authors is optional but I typically provide it for free as follows: 1st responses via Forums, emails & comments will also be answered thereafter.
  • Theme compatiblity: SmartRSS Plugin will work with 99.9% of themes.
  • Free updates for life! All users who buy SmartRSS Plugin here get free version updates for life.