Support Center

Support Center is powerful, but easy to use ticketing system for your WordPress site.

Support Center 1.1 is out!

Main features
  • Multiple user roles that are not depending on WordPress roles
  • 2 types of customers – Exclusive and Normal (Exclusive customers have some benefits that normal customers don’t)
  • User-friendly interface for both staff and customers
  • Detailed ticket preview
  • Pre-made repsonses for staff members to make their life easier
  • Auto-Responders with custom e-mail templates
  • Plenty of dynamic tags that you can use while building your e-mail templates
  • and many more!
  • Front-end Shortcodes
    Since Support Center 1.1, you can keep your customers out of back-end by using front-end shortcodes for ticket creation form, ticket preview screen and “My Tickets” screen.
    Demo Testing
  • Customer Account
    user: democustomer
    pass: demo
  • Exclusive Customer Account
    user: demoexclusive
    pass: demo
  • Operator Account
    user: demooperator
    pass: demo
  • Supervisor Account
    user: demosupervisor
    pass: demo

  • Please use demo accounts only for testing purpose