SupportX - Envato API Enabled Support Forum

SupportX is a one stop support solution specially developed for Envato marketplace authors. SupportX comes with excellent purchase verification mechanism and designed to make it easier for both your buyers and seller himself to manage the tickets. Beside traditional email notification, SupportX features SMS notification, Notification feeds and Real Time popup notification to keep both buyers and sellers alert about the conversation. In line editing with powerful and customized editor makes it pleasing to write the tickets. With SupportX, Envato marketplace authors will not have to look for any other third party services or products. Managing tickets were never this easier without SupportX.

See How It Looks Inside

1. Support Initializer
2. Seller Settings
3. Color & Logo
4. Extra Settings
5. Notification & SMS Settings
6. Landing Page Settings
7. Social Settings
8. Product Setup Page
9. Article Setup Page
10. Buyers – Ticket Page:

Some Nice Feedbacks

This is just amazing. Bought it within 5 min of seeing it. Started testing, seems rather easy to setup and configure. This will make my team’s task super easy, now we could handle all Envato related sales & support in a organized way. Saving hours of coding to build something we need. Now after having this we can focus on next product/project. Thanks to the team “ThemeBucket”. webinane
A useful and full of features theme for themeforest Authors, especially for those who want to provide minute by minute support to their clients to satisfy them. Well done, every function of this theme is wonderful. wrwipeout
Wow, you are marketing to Envato Authors? Genius. Good luck with sales. joyontaroy
This will blast for sure!! Congrats themebucket team Awhin
Great idea! Bookmarking for later Good luck with sales! designingmedia
Looks very great! I like it. ImanGM
Hey! Congratulations! This is absolutely a winner. Great Idea. I think this is what I was waiting for to start my own site with it Cheers, Iman