Team Booking - WordPress booking system

Update: new version 1.1 ready to download

What’s this?

Team booking is a WordPress booking and reservation system plugin like many others, but with a very distinctive feature: availability plans are made in Google Calendar!
  1. Make availability plans through Google Calendar…
  2. Calendar events become free slots, ready to be booked…
  3. Once booked, the relative Google Calendar event will be updated!
Why “team”? Because availability plans can be made by multiple “coworkers”!


  • Complete booking system – for different services: events, appointments, rooms and so on…
  • Planning with Google Calendar – use your Google Calendar to plan availability and manage reservations
  • Collaborative – specify WP roles allowed to link a Google Calendar. They can work together for the same service!
  • Customizable – tweak general and personal reservation behaviour
  • Hassle-free – frontend booking calendar works out of the box!
  • Confirmation and notification email system – build custom email content with user data
  • Logs and stats – recent reservations tracking system
  • Language support – via .po and .mo files
  • ...and more to come!


    Team booking is developed and tested with WordPress 3.5+ and PHP 5.3+.


    v1.1 - Added: service custom description - Added: frontend schedule list grouping options - Added: choosable max number of log entries per page to show on Overview Tab - Updated documentation - Better user-error handling - Minor code refactoring - Minor bugfix v1.0 - Initial release - Languages: English, Italian