VideoNab: Aggregate YouTube Videos by Any Topic

Aggregate Videos From YouTube and Place them Directly in Your Site in a Beautiful Video Stream and Player!

VideoNab is an incredibly powerful WordPress plugin that scours YouTube looking for videos related to any topic that you choose! It then places the videos into your WordPress site as SEO-boosting posts. Once on your site, you have control over what is displayed, how often the videos are refreshed, pagination, and more. It is the only WordPress available that accurately aggregates videos based on topic, and then adds them to your site within a beautiful video stream and HD video player.

Aggregate Videos from YouTube Based on Any Topic!

You set the topic, and VideoNab does the rest. With the event scheduler, you set the frequency of how often VideoNab will crawl YouTube for videos based only on your topic, while filtering those that don’t fit (as well as duplicates).

Fresh, Automated Content for Any Site

You set the frequency, and VideoNab will automatically display new videos on your site every single day. This gives your site’s visitors a reason to return to your site, as well as sharing it with others. Entire sites are built using VideoNab, including hobby sites, cute pet videos, extreme sports, GoPro videos, and so on. The possibilities are versatile enough to supplement any topic!

Add Specific Videos from Youtube

If you don’t need an automated stream, or if you simply want to include specific videos within your collection, VideoNab allows you to add any YouTube video manually. It’s as simple as pasting the url, and Videonab will automatically add it to your site, along with all of VideoNab’s powerful features. This is perfect for sites that need to showcase tutorials or other videos that they have in their personal video collection.

Additional Features

VideoNab is a truly powerful plugin, so much so that it has been used to build entire sites using JUST VideoNab as a content creator. In addition to the core features above, here is the full list of what’s included:
  • Specify the topic, and VideoNab grabs and sorts only the proper videos
  • You may also manually add videos to your site via a simple interface
  • All videos are organized in a modern design that integrates within any site
  • The front-end video stream is interactive, easy to use, and encourages visitors to quickly take in dozens of videos
  • Specify the number of videos to display on the front end, add pagination, and other customizations
  • Fully Responsive for displaying videos on all devices
  • Sharing system that links other users directly to your site instead of YouTube
  • Retitle Videos and their descriptions as needed
  • Edit permalink titles of videos as needed and enhance SEO
  • AutoPilot mode aggregates videos automatically on a set schedule
  • Ability to block and manage videos as needed (just in case one slips by)
  • Event Scheduler allows you to specify how often the videos refresh
  • Videos will not repeat! Duplicates are automatically filtered
  • Commenting system encourages sharing and conversation to spread the word and gain traffic
  • A sleek, full HD video player presents each video in style
  • Latest YouTube API and constant updates
  • Feedback from Customers

    “VideoNab is genius! It allowed us to quickly and simply create a central resource of continuously new, daily content. This drove regular traffic to our eTail site and quickly became our favorite and most effective marketing tool.” —Max Feldman, 321kill VideoNab is the easiest way to add videos to my website. I absolutely love watching new videos show up everyday …automatically! VideoNab has helped my provide my community with great knitting videos and was a breeze to use. The only problem I have now is getting stuck watching all of these videos every day! —Susan Catherty, To see how it works, check out the Full Documentation and admin preview


    In our demo, we use the terms “Cute” and “Cat” to pull what you see. Though of course it can use ANY topic. Check it out here.