Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce


Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce! The ultimate warranties and returns management system for WooCommerce packed into this great and easy to use plugin! Best value!

Powerful Warranties and Returns Manager

Easiest manager available. Manage requests in just a few clicks.

Warranties and Returns Requests

Get requests for your customers. Create custom request forms!

Add-on Paid Warranties

Create paid warranties, as well as included. Unlimited possibilities!

Preset Warranties

Create preset warranties for easier management. Use thumbnails and warranty desctiptions.

Warranty Statuses

Easy request statuses. Manage statuses in single click.

Multiple Warranty Requests

Enable multiple warranty requests for your items. Once the previous warranty is complete the next one can be requested!

Guest Orders Warranty Requests

Guest orders can also have their warranties requests. Guests will use order ids and their email for verification purposes in order to make a request.

Request Customer Quick Email

Quickly send emails to request customesrs. BCC and Email templates are available!

Variable Products Warranties

Variable products are fully supported!

Multi Item Order Warranties

Manage multi item order requests in one single parent request!

Request Warranty Form Builder

Create your own request forms! Drag and drop editing.

Order Details Warranty Overview

Easy warranty management for your customers.

Seamlessly Integrated with WooCommerce

You wont know it is there! Seamlessly integrated in the interface for the best experience!