Web Site Tour Builder For Wordpress

Web Site Tour Builder for Wordpress is a powerfull Tour Plugin, which can be used as a site tour, helpers, guides or tooltips. Use the Web Site Tour plugin for your website, products, applications, landing pages or something else. The plugin is very easy to use and allow you to create a very cool tour in simple dinamics steps. Web Site Tour Builder gives you the ability to create amazing tour which easily arouse visitor interest, with a User Friendly Backend, highly customizable solution to build your tour into your site. Note: You can create different Tour in different page by duplicating shortcode with different ids and publishing in page where you want tour and create unlimited steps with jump page. After popular demand and 5 stars reviews of our customers now plugin is also avaiable for Wordpress than that for Joomla!
  1. Features ## Support Continued Tour in Multiple Pages
- 3 Types of Display ad ( Autostart on Load, LightBox on Load, Manual ) - 3 Types of Popup Box ( Modal, Tooltip, Nohighlight ) - 3 Selectors Type ( id, class, name) – You can append tour to all html class - 4 Positions (Top, Bottom, Left, Right ) - Draggable Box - Keywords Controls to change step - Rotation Control - Steps Title - Steps Text with Editor WYSIWYG - (JumpPage) Redirect to Control – Usefult to continue tour in multiple pages - 2 Popup Tour Themes (new) - 2 LightBox Themes (new)
  1. Compatible With All recents Popular Browsers ##
- Google Chrome - Firefox - Safari - Opera - Internet Explorer(IE7+)