Woocommerce Add Funds

Did you notice, how Codecanyon charged their buyer? Yes, you need to add funds first before make any purchase. Good News is, from now using this plugin you can enable same facility on your Woocommerce powered store.

No # 1 Plugin for you to enable Deposit, Funding and Partial Funds Payment on Your store.

You may used some other Deposit or partial payment plugin, But if you wanted all those system in one place, then this plugin is the right solution for you. This is an awesome Woocomerce extensions will helps to build customer loyalty and repeat business by ensuring that they spend their funds only on your store. Even you can reward them with discounts and instant order processing if they purchase using their Account Funds.


  • Detailed reports of daily Deposits.
  • Give Discount When funds are used to purchase items : Fixed or Percentage.
  • Allow customers to top up funds.
  • Partial Funds Payment.
  • Limit Funds Top-up amount.
  • Give Special Facility to those who use Funds
  • Works with any Woocommerce Theme or Plugin.
  • You can select products that can buy using Funds.
  • Very Detailed Documentations.
  • Dedicated support.