WooCommerce Admin Category Tree

WooCommerce Admin Category Tree plugin allows you to list wooCommerce categories and subcategories in accordion tree display inside the admin area for much more convenient management of your wooCommerce shop categories. This plugin comes with drag & drop features to help you manage your shop Category Tree with ease, along with all the standard category editing options. WooCommerce Admin Category Tree Replace the standard WooComerce categories management and becomes a perfect plugin for any shop with large amount of categories to manage. Features: • Mass expand or collapse feature – see your entire category tree on one page. • Show quick view if category has description, image, slug and number of products attached. • The Drag-and-Drop feature of the plugin enables users to drag-and-drop tree nodes for fast and easy rearrangement. Dragging and dropping can be performed within the same tree or between two different trees. • Flexible quick editing (add / view / quick edit / delete) functions • Support unlimited categories and sub categories • Ajax function to delete and remove category node • Easy to install and setup Simple installation in 3 steps: 1. Transfer the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory 2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress 3. Go to ‘WooCategories Tree’ -> Manage your categories !
  • This plugin is for admin use only. Manage your woocomerce shop categories like a boss.