WooCommerce Catalog Mode

About This Plugin

“WooCommerce Catalog Mode” can be used to turn your WooCommerce shop to a Catalog View Mode.
In catalog mode “Add to Cart” button will be removed from full shop, so shopping functionality will be disabled from site. Visitors can then just can view your products and its details and make any query to you if they have.
You can choose to diplay price tag or not. Also you can append an extra button with each product, through which you can show a message to visitors (Like Call For Price, or Product Enquiry). If you wish you can add a custom URL link to this button, also can decide to open URL in same window or a separate window.
Button customization options are available to adjust button with your site theme.

Plugin Features -

  • You can turn Shop mode to Catalog mode easily
  • Can decide to keep Price Tag or not
  • Custom button support
  • Custom link lupport
  • Button customization options
  • Mode switcher option
  • Live Demo

    1. Demo 1 (Custom Button with Price Tag)


    1. Admin Page Class