Woocommerce EasyPost

EasyPost for WooCommerce

Now you can easily integrate EasyPost to your WooCommerce Shop.
Front end:
  1. Show rates from EasyPost for user to use for shipping.
Back end:
Shipping method control:
  1. choose if working with test or life mode
  2. debug mode
  3. choose avaliable services for locale and international shipment
  4. rename avaliable services
  5. enable/disable signature
  6. control extra handling charge
  7. enable/disable insurance
  8. add custom field in simple product for insurance value
  9. add custom field in variable product in each variation for insurance value
  10. create boxes for packing
Order control:
  1. cancel shipment
  2. add shipment
  3. buy shipment
  4. update shipment
  5. tracking shipment widget
  6. download shipment labels