Woocommerce ERIP Gateway (Belarus)

Collecting payments through ERIP for a Woocommerce online store in Belarus is good idea, since most of the people knows how to use it to pay for apartments, electricity and phones, and this is the most widely used on-line payments method in Belarus. Payment for online order can be made in bank offices, self-service terminals, ATMs, online banking, using electronic money and payment systems. WordPress plugin wc_erip_gateway allows easily and quick to organize payments collecting through ERIP for a Woocommerce online store. And no any payment information is entered on the online store website: You can get details here http://www.stseprounof.org/woocommerce-erip-gateway/ plugin summarizes the order, and sends an bill to ERIP service through API "Hutki Grosh" and sets the order status "On Hold"; automatically receives a message from ERIP Service that bill is paid and set the order status "Processing"; daily clears the list of orders in online store and bills in ERIP service to remove canceled orders and did not paid on time bills.