WooCommerce RedCart - Real Life Cart

Why do I need this?

Suppose you are browsing your favorite shop and you put an item in your cart. You fill out the checkout forms, but when you get to pay, the system tells you the item is now out of stock!
This can never happen in a real shop. If you put something in your cart, it will stay there as long as you pay for it, or put it back. Redcart does the same. If you put something in your cart, it decreases the stock, so others cannot take your item. Of course there is a time limit you can set in the admin. If the time is up, the item gets back from your cart to the stock. Just like in a real store.
  • You can set the time limit, a user can spend with the item n their cart. The system will notify them how much time they have left and when an item is put back to stock.
  • You can also choose to show waiting users the time until an item gets back to stock.
  • Demo site pass:

    User: test
    Pass: test