WooCommerce Warranties and Returns

This plugin will finally simplify the returns and warranty procedures for your ecommerce!
WooCommerce Warranties and Returns is a WordPress plugin that makes allows you to give your customers an easy way to kepp under control the warranty and the return period of the products they purchased from your site.
With WooCommerce Warranties and Returns an administrator can assign a predefined amount of days for the warranties and returns: those values will be applied by default to any product that will be added to the catalog.
But we are aware that not all products are the same, and some product might have different warranties or no return possible….this is why every single product can be customized with its own number of days!
Every customer will be able to issue a return or a warranty intervention by simply logging on his/her account and going to the order history default page. Inside every order there will be a dedicated form (warranty/return selector, notes, dropdown menu to select the product).
Once a ticket is open the admin will receive an email and the user will have a “chat” like list of the ticket inside the order. ( and it will be possible for the user to answer with a convenient form).
In the admin panel the orders with a return/warranty open will appear marked with a badge for easy recognition. Clicking on the order the admin will have the history of the ticket and will be able to reply the user updating him/her on the status of the product (upon sending a message the user will receive a mail).


v.1.0 – 22/10/2014
- First Stable Release


  • Badge in admin order view to easily identify orders with warranties/returns
  • Easily manage product return and warranties!
  • Customers can keep track of the days left from their order history page
  • Return/warranties days tracker visible in each order for the admin
  • A separate email address dedicated to returns and warranties can be used
  • Per-product configuration is possible!
  • Discussion archiving and quick reply from both admin and customer dashboard (with email notification!)
  • More to come!